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    Texas T-Brand Taco®

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    Texas T-Brand Taco®

    Crispy taco packed with beef, shredded cheese, crisp lettuce and ripe tomatoes. Served with DQ® taco sauce on the side.

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    Nutrition Information

    Texas T-Brand Taco®

    Calories: 200

    Serving Size (oz): 8 oz.

    Serving Size (g): 99.235

    Fat from Calories: 113.265

    Fat (g): 12.595

    Saturated Fat (g): 5.825

    Trans Fat (g): 0

    Cholesterol (mg): 34.175

    Sodium (mg): 354.765

    Carbs (g): 9.4

    Fiber (g): 1.04

    Sugar (g): 1.015

    Protein (g): 11.3

    Vitamin A (IU): 341.105

    Vitamin C (mg): 2.74

    Calcium (mg): 111.875

    Iron (mg): 1.555